5 Interesting Facts About Dried Figs


Growing on the Ficus Carica tree, figs are edible fruits categorised as an Asian species of flowering plants belonging to the mulberry family. Widely grown since time immemorial in Western Asia and the Mediterranean, it’s a small wonder that figs are considered to be the fruit of antiquity. The fig and not the apple is even thought to be the fruit eaten by Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden.

Unlike ordinary trees around, fig trees are unique in that no blossoms are found on their branches. Rather, they grow inside of the fruits. Those little flowers turn into tiny seeds with their unique crunchy texture.

Interesting Facts About Dried Figs

Did you know that there are fascinating facts about dried figs you might not have known yet? Below are just a few:

  1. Versatility 

A powerhouse of minerals and vitamins, dried figs are known to help strengthen bones, and counteract nutrient shortage in the body, aside from containing good amounts of antioxidants whose function is primarily to slow down the ageing process. On top of that, dried figs forage free radicals that trigger oxidative stress. Other significant benefits to health include lowering blood pressure, regulating symptoms of diabetes, optimising digestion, helping in weight loss, etc.   

  1. Weight loss component 

Health-conscious people do include dried figs in their diet as these are rich sources of fibre. Dietary fibres make you experience fullness thus, you won’t feel the need to eat more. Then again, since dried figs are known to have a high calorie and high sugar content, you should only eat them moderately. Bear in mind that dried figs have less water content so they’re expected to be high in sugar, calories and nutrients as well.

  1. Nutrient content 

Apart from vitamin K, other nutrients found in dried figs are magnesium, calcium, manganese and copper. But both dried and fresh figs are packed with the B-complex group of vitamins – pyridoxine, folates, niacin and pantothenic acid. These are the substances responsible for the breakdown of carbohydrates, fats and proteins.

  1. Constipation reliever 

A rich source of vitamin K, dried figs also help alleviate constipation. However, experts warn people to take dried fruits in moderation since their vitamin K content might interfere with medications used for thinning the blood.

  1. Beauty and skin care 

The vitamin E and C plus calcium components of dried figs make them perfect for beauty and skincare regimens. Such active ingredients serve as antioxidants that fight against free radicals which are the major causes of wrinkles, age spots and other skin imperfections. With skin so soft and elastic, you will feel years younger for a long time.

Go ahead; discover more exciting facts about this popular delicacy yourself. But to do that, spend some time savouring the sour-y goodness of real dried figs. Where to buy authentic products? You can actually buy dried figs from this link.

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