What is the most economical way to get shredded cheese for your business?


Bulk purchasing of ingredients is a common strategy for restaurant companies, and for good reasons too. The cost of bulk purchases of items such as pasta, spices, meat, oil, and sugar can be reduced significantly, but have you ever considered bulk purchasing of shredded cheese?

It is most economical for your business to buy shredded cheese in bulk, and here are the reasons why:

Reduces your costs

In general, buying anything in bulk saves you money each time you use it. Even if the savings are small, shredded cheese is frequently used, and those dollars can add up quickly. Even if you save just $1 a day, that adds up to $365 a year. The time and cost of shredding the cheese by yourself can be used to prepare a dish for hungry customers eagerly awaiting their order.

Time is Money

The restaurant business is intensely competitive, and you need to ensure your customer service is superior to your competitors. When it comes to your business, everything from how polite your staff is to how quickly your food arrives to the quality of your dishes determines the number of customers arriving at your establishment. You can also save plenty of time by buying shredded Mexican cheese. The ready-made shredded cheese can be used to quickly serve customers when orders arrive.

How long is Mexican shredded cheese shelf life?

Shredded cheese isn’t widely thought to have a long shelf life or to have the quality we desire, so buying in bulk isn’t an option. The Mexican Shred Blend from Pure Dairy is 100% Australian-made, containing only natural ingredients. It has a shelf-life of180-days, making it an excellent option for restaurants if they want long-lasting, delicious shredded cheese.

Why choose Pure Diary for bulk buy?

With its perfectly shredded texture, Mexican blend cheese is ideal for quick cooking creativity and goes well with Mexican as well as non-Mexican cuisines. This four-cheese combo is also perfect for topping grilled cheese sandwiches, casseroles, omelettes, baked goods, and even chili or salads. Furthermore, the Mexican shred blend synchronizes deliciously with a variety of fruits and veggies like pears, tomatoes, onions, and cilantro. This reason alone makes Mexican Shred Blend a popular choice among renowned chefs.

The Pure Dairy angel hair Mexi Shred Blend is made from just the right amount of four kinds of cheese – much like a homemade shredded cheese blend. Bulk deliveries are available across Australia now. For both personal and business use, it is now possible to save a fair bit of money by ordering shredded Mexican blend cheese wholesale. Businesses ordering wholesale shredded cheese have access to special schemes. You no longer have to wait anymore and can place your bulk cheese order NOW!

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