How are plant-based food trends impacting restaurants?


The constantly growing demand for vegan burgers has reshaped how burger restaurants prepare their menus. Over the past few years, plant-based culinary has evolved as a concrete food trend, which is likely here to stay, largely affecting the supply of plant-based products across the eateries we often dine. Numerous burger-themed restaurants have included keto burgers on their menus, an inclusive approach to satisfy consumers and gain consumer satisfaction in their products.

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Just like in any sector, Adapting to new trends is one of the ways to stay relevant in the food and hospitality market and retain customers while eyeing sustainable growth of the eatery. As a case in point, more and more Australians are buying burgers each year. This suggests burgers are an opportune culinary item for eateries to introduce a new line of patrons into their business. Similar is the case with plant-based foods nowadays, which is seen in the food trends of the world in 2022.

For most of the last decade, the demand for plant-based products has always been there. But, during the COVID times, there has been an influx towards the notion of going green movements, creating a considerable shift in the daily habits of people, which people included in their eating habits as well. For most of 2020 and 2021, people enjoyed cooking in their homes and enjoying dining within their four walls. From a personal health standpoint, people find cooking in the comfort of their homes effective and long-lasting. Likewise, the similar benefit of plant-based products tickles foodies everywhere now.

Primarily among the Millenials and Gen Z, the plant-based foods trend is an approach to eating unprocessed, healthy foods. These demographics are more driven by the concept of healthy and rich food rather than taste and texture. This consumer shift in plant-based foods could be attributed to rising health concerns, environmental concerns, and down the line – the soaring cost of meat products. Plant-based products are popping up in grocery stores across Australia, and while people enjoy eating at home – it is fascinating to see how restaurants are striving to earn customers’ loyalty.

There is a growing concern regarding plant products now, so restaurants are including similar culinary items on their menus. Culinary such as keto burgers, red bean smashed albondiga torta, black bean, veggie fajitas, and cauliflower steak, among plenty others, are attracting customers’ attention. Eateries are slowly creating an exclusively plant-based menu as they cater to the new food trends in the market. Plant-based culinary can be as tasty as the old ones, including meat and when people feel they do not have to compromise on taste and get healthy unpressed foods – they will be willing to dine out again.

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