Everything You Need to Know About Bakery Display Case Manufacturers


Bakery cases are used to display food that is for sale. They are typically ambient, meaning they don’t have refrigeration and require the products to be refreshed daily to keep them looking and tasting their best.

They are available in various forms and sizes to meet the demands of your company. They may be constructed of acrylic or glass and are an excellent technique to tempt shoppers to make impulsive purchases.

They Keep Your Baked Goods Fresher

A bakery display case can help you sell more of your sweets by protecting them from airborne contaminants and allowing customers to see your offerings. These cases also keep baked goods at moderate temperatures, which helps them stay fresh and appealing.

These displays also provide more room to showcase your products, which can prevent them from drying out or losing their texture and shape. This is especially important for desserts and pastries, which often have decorations or a rich color that tight spaces can ruin.

Bakery cases come in dry and refrigerated models, depending on your needs. Some feature dual service to merchandise both to-go items and protected goods, while others have rear access for employees to serve customers. Some also have curved glass to reduce glare and reflections and enhance the appearance of your displays.

They Look Better

Ensure your items are well-lit and free from scratches, marks, or damage. Consider purchasing bakery cases from case manufacturers with illuminated interiors, which can help them look even more appealing to customers.

You’ll also need to decide if you want your food showcased at ambient (room temperature) or refrigerated temperatures. Ambient bakery displays may be more suitable if you present foods with short shelf life, such as cold cuts.

They’re More Durable

A bakery display case keeps food fresh and makes it easier for customers to purchase. It helps your business entice impulse buyers, leading to higher sales.

Tempered or acrylic glass is a safer option for display cases because it’s less likely to shatter. It’s also stronger than regular glass and more resistant to cracking and scratches. 

Bakery cases come in different styles, including straight and curved models. Some have interior lighting, which can help your foods look their best. Others have lighting built into the top or shelving. Some have specialized bulbs, like red meat or pastries, that enhance specific colors.

They’re More Versatile

In addition to their aesthetic benefits, bakery display cases prevent hands from touching your baked goods. This protects them from being coated in hordes of harmful germs and bacteria and produces a cleaner business and healthier customers.

Bakery displays are also a great way to increase impulse sales. They feature stylish glass fronts that reveal your inventory to help boost sales. Plus, they can be decorated with ribbons and flowers to match your location or event’s theme.

Bakery display cases are available in dry, non-refrigerated, combination food, and full-service models. They come in flat or curved glass, featuring black, white, or stainless exteriors. They offer interior lighting, protection from airborne contaminants, and easy access for staff with rear sliding doors. You can also choose from forced air, gravity coil, or revolving bakery case refrigeration styles.

They’re More Affordable

Bakery display cases make it easy for customers to see your baked goods. They also help your staff keep track of what you have available. This enables you to avoid selling out a product before it goes bad.

When choosing a bakery case, consider its size, style, and features. For instance, some cases are designed with straight glass and have a more traditional look. Others have curved glass for a sleeker appearance.

Some cases are non-refrigerated and allow customers to self-serve. Others are refrigerated and can be accessed only by employees. A refrigeration bakery case is ideal for items like a mousse cake, fruit pies, and cheesecakes. These cases can also display prepackaged foods, such as sandwiches and salads.

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