Did you know American cheese melts when exposed to a direct flame? Unlike ‘plastic’ cheeses that burn; here’s why.


Cheese is a staple food for many foodies, and it is also applicable for many restaurants whose expertise lies in cooking cheese dishes for their customers.

If you prefer a nice melting cheese for your restaurant dishes that does not burn or char, American cheese is the next cheese you’ve got to buy for a delicious cheese-filled dish. You can purchase the best melting cheese in Australia for your burgers with Pure Dairy, the home to the best authentic cheese in the country.

Every week, hundreds of thousands of American cheese slices are sold across Australia. American cheese is used in plenty of restaurant dishes and in case you dine out frequently, you have grown quite a good appetite for American cheese, have you not yet? It can safely be said that slices of this cheese are topping charts inside the country and many are crazy about this cheese – after all, one can never get enough of its gooey creamy content. And a good melting cheese is a must for dishes like burgers.

Irrespective of whether you are putting slices over the burger patty or in between sandwiches or anything in between, it is a gem of cheese for plenty of cuisines. Do you know what makes American cheese a smash hit for a wide variety of restaurant dishes?

Cheese is an influential and highly infectious food that is hard to miss for obvious reasons. It has an amazing taste – a lovely mix of sweetness and tangy flavour, adds a powerful yet pleasant odour, and adds a nice and soft texture. People around the world consume cheese with several dishes and mostly when they dine out and they do so on personal likings. For people to revel in the goodness of American cheese slices, its melt ability is a likely motivating factor.

American cheese melts so well, on both cold and warm dishes, and its creamy texture enhances the taste of any food; it also does not overpower other ingredients. Unlike cheap imitations of cheese, often called plastic cheese, American cheese slices do not burn when you expose them to a direct flame.

When exposed to heat, all kinds of cheese melt, but they melt differently. The fat content present in a cheese affects how the cheese melts – whether it forms a creamy liquid or melts, leaching water as it receives an increasing amount of heat. Cheese with less fat content melts nice and smooth when supplied heat and it becomes creamy. In the case of limited fat, the fat content remains amalgamated with the solids when heated and stays nice and smooth – forming a juicy cheese fondue.

When there is the excess fat content, cheese melts vigorously and does not bind with the solids, creating a greasy mess of cheese. The sugar content of the cheese also explains why some kinds of cheese melt badly or burn to some extent. Sugar and fat are both combustible and augment the fire-causing burns. Compared to plastic cheese which is highly processed and contains a high concentration of fat and sugar, American cheese slices melt perfectly. Pure Dairy’s American sliced cheese is a good melting cheese for burgers in Australia.

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